dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

some new stuff...

Diadeem 3 pound Primark London

Feather earrings 3 pound Primark London

Necklace 2.50 pound Primark London

ThefancyofLondon telephone key ring 1 pound London

Bag 10 pound London Primark

Foxes dress 7 pounds London primark

Diary 20 euros ( book shop)

H&M blazer 29.00
H&M white shirt 9.00
H&M rib pants 20.00

Blouse street one sale 15.00

Cardigan street one sale 17.00

Pumps ( also for my frontoffice study)

I didn't buy a lot in London because I didn't had much space in my suitcase , unfortunatly!!

maandag 29 augustus 2011

part 2 of London...

More photo's of my trip to London , you can read more about it in the post under.

Lovely food <3

English old lady

My mum and I

Platform 9 3/4

Magic money!!

Ministry of magic (Harry Potter 7 part 1) at the Harry Potter tour

Kensington Palace in Fairytale style, it was adorable!

I love those pubs!
On our way back :(

zondag 28 augustus 2011

if you get sick of London you get sick of life.....

Yesterday I returned from the beautiful and lovely city London!
I really didn't want to go back because London is the greatest city I've ever been...
It was amazing!
If been in London for 5 days and we have seen the whole city, a couple examples are : buckinghampalace( from inside) , kensingtonpalace , Sint Paul kathedral, soho,oxford street,mayfair,camden market en much more markets.
After 5 days Londen is still not boring , the thing I like the most of London is the fact that the people are so nice dressed and the inspiration is great!
Our hotel was 200 m from King's Cross

Camden <3


Airbrush feather tatoo for 20 days, the feather is not in the way I liked it bud the woman how did it couldn't draw a better one :P

Englisch breakfast every morning!! LOVEEE

The greatest shop I've ever seen!

Tomorrow comes part 2 ! :)