zondag 30 oktober 2011


This year was my first time of celebrating helloween.
I must see it's a crazy thing to celebrate but I loved it!
I had a great time dressed like a vampire :)

My as vampire , scary?

Our outfits! vampire,medusa,kind of zombie?

Very strange en scary photo of me...

zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Day trip Middelburg/Vlissingen


My sweet boyfriend!

My grandfather lives in the largest flat...

woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Outfit of today..

Sweater C&A
Jeans H&M
Shoes (I don't know) 18.00
Necklace Primark London 3.00 pounds

My tatoo a little bit more healed....
In about a month I'm going back to the tatooshop to edit him.
I want the tatoo to be more like a feather ( not easy to explain:P)
Cause now there are a few parts missing and I want him to be a bit wider...

New earrings :)
The spiders a'm I going to wear at helloween this year!!!

dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

love the look

I love every detail of this look.
Would love to wear this!

I'm a big fan of fur coats , I have a lovely fur coat myself and I'm very happy with it because you can cheer up your oufit with it and It´s a must when there´s gonna be a cold winter...

I'm fallen in love with those overknees so I bought 2 pair of them by the H&M today , I will show you soon :)
Love her shoes and hat <3

AAAHH how nice is it to wear a warm sweater like this on a cold winter evening??!
It's delicious!!! Offcourse I bought one and I will show you soon.

I'm looking in every shop to find those lovely sweet socks... but I still haven't found them :(
Do you know where to buy them?

Love the whole look <3

It's not that I really like this outfit ( especially the shoes, not my kind of style) but WOWWW her hair is amazing!
I would do everything to get my hair that long and that colour!
So gorgeous!!
Which look do you like the most?
PS: I really want to post more outfit photo's on my blog so I will try :)

No make-up/with make-up

I know lot's of girls wears make-up when they go to school or maybe everyday.
The most girls says that they look boring when they not wearing make-up and yeah I'm also that kind of girl.
Make-up is in my opinion a piece of expressing yourself!
I really love wearing some make-up and I guess I will never stop glossing my lips ( yeah I'm I lipstick freak)...
What do you think about wearing make-up? do you feel boring without it?
Make-up I use:
lipgloss or lipstick


maandag 24 oktober 2011

Random photo's

Being crazy!

Hiding behind my hair...

My and my lovely fireman! <3 <3