woensdag 29 juni 2011

Can't wait till tomorrow....

Outfit of today :

Skirt H&M
Top H&M
Necklace Primark
Yeahhhh the outfit is a little bit cold :S

This evening I finally get my school diploma, i'm really looking forward to hold that paper in my hand .. because then I can really realising that i'm done with high school!

And i cant wait to tell you this.......................
Tomorrow a i'm planned to go to Amsterdam with a friend meeting Rupert Grint , Oliver and James Phelps! I really hope to see them and to visit the opening of the Harry Potter expostition.
I will make lot's of photo's and offcourse i will tell you everything!

Who is also going????

maandag 27 juni 2011

zondag 26 juni 2011

Outfit of today..

Shoes: River island
skirt : H&M
Singlet: Hema
Jeansjacket: Zara
Necklace : Antiqueshop

Now i'm going to watch the king's speech,people sad that this movie is great so i'm very curious (:

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Outfit of today...

Do you want to know where I bought the short en the singlet? look at the post under!

Old but lovely song:

Day trip to Dordrecht

Yesterday a friend and I went to Dordrecht to visit all the antique shops and the old part of the city to make photo's. It was a lovely day without rain ( we where very happy about that) and we had a great time!
We also bought some antique things as you can see in the photo's.
And we bought some great clothes in the H&M, so after all it was successfully day!!

 Hoping to find something nice...
Antiqueshop Pandorus
Sophie (featherlover) and I

at the H&M

Things I bought:

Jeans short H&M divided SALE 10.00
White short H&M SALE 7.00
Antique necklace from France 2.00

Antique watch from German 3.00

Antique broche 2.00

 Antique camera 4.00
Crop top H&M divided SALE 5.00

 Skirt H&M SALE 3.00

 Lovely flower skirt H&M divided 10.00
Beatles top H&M divided 10.00

zaterdag 18 juni 2011


Photo's are made by me.

Have you already seen the new Harry Potter 7 part 2 trailer ?
It gives me goosebumps!!
This trailer is so epic, you have to see it <3 <3

& do you have goosebumps?

a look at my toilet table

My parfums

My nail polish

Yes, they are all pink !(:

Do you see the Deathly Hallow sign?? I love it!

I know it's a mess in my drawer....
I do have more make-up but I will not show you everything because that's getting boring :)
Yesterday I did a kind of 'fotoshoot' with my younger sister and this is the beautifulst photo that came out.
Isn't it a pretty photo?