maandag 28 februari 2011

My dream is to be Alice in Wonderland.....

Welcome To Wonderland…

Come join her world.
Wonderland is what she named it.
Doesn’t it sound dreamy?

Follow the talking white rabbit,
that’s it, down the hole to the right.
Sinister characters may be lurking,
but we dont fear in Wonderland!
Whats that? You’re feeling small?
What on Earth do you mean, silly girl!? You’re a hundred feet tall!
Poison could not have smelled so sweet,
But everything is backwards in wonderland!
Oh Wait,
We’re late!!!
For a very important date.
Today is my very happy unbirthday.
Crazyness in wonderland… are you losing yourself yet?
A word of advice, you may want to hold on to your head,
And know your emergency exits at all times,
Good advice, When a Queen of Hearts wants you dead.
Is that a hint of fear, my dear?
Maybe Wonderland isn’t just jam tarts and tea parties after all.
Time to go back to reality?
Ha ha ha. Only if you know your way out.
Welcome to wonderland.
Lovelly song:

 The funniest part of Alice in wonderland  in my opinion is when the red queen screams: off of with his head ..
you can see it here :

What do you think about this lovely movie??

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