donderdag 10 november 2011

One night only concert

Thursday evening I went to the concert of  One night only ( indie North Yorkshire band)
with a friend .
The concert was in 'Paradiso' Amsterdam and it was GREAT!
One night only was amazing and they song all the nicest songs like :  Say you don't want it , just for tonight,It's about time,Hurricane,Bring my back down and much more...
I'm still very glad and happy that I've been to there concert!! ( I can't believe I must say)
After the concert we went downstairs and yeaaaahh there they where, so OF COURSE we made some photo's with them. And we have even talked with them :) It was lot's of fun
At least I bought a nice poster with there signatures and a One night Only shirt.
I'm a big fan of One night only for I think 2 years now and there music is really good, you should listen to it!

I ♥ One night only

 Mark Hayton!

George Graig <3 <3 <3 Georgeis  a model and the frontman of the

With Mark!

With James Graig (George's brother)!!!

With Jack Sails!

Telling James he need to smile more on photo's XD!

Pieces of the concert from youtube:

Official Song and clip chemistry:

Forgot my name ( love this song and clip <3 )


George Craig

Thank you so much amsterdam! Amazing gig. Great crowd was lovely to meet you all! Love your work™

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  1. Supeeeeeeeer! :D Wat tof dat je met hun op de foto bent geweest, hun muziek is echt super! O ja, je truitje is heel leuk! :D

  2. WOW ben jaloerss!! die foto's! :D
    de volgende keer moet het in het weekend zijn..

    echt super dat je ze gewoon gezien hebt enzo..



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